About Us

We are Lauren Young and Iain Braid, a young couple from the UK, both university graduates and both avoiding settling down and starting a career. Currently we are spending the next year travelling around South and Central America.

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In 2011 we spent six months travelling around India, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA. In our last year of university, realising we had no idea what to do next we did what any sensible person would do and decided to travel. We covered a lot of ground in six months. We packed our bags and moved on every few days, but sadly before we knew it we were back in the UK.

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We returned penniless, homeless and as prior to leaving we had only just graduated, also career-less. Just like when my primary school teacher asked me to finish the sentence “When I grow up I want to be…” at 22 we were still no closer to knowing how to answer…


You wont be surprised to hear we began planning our next trip shortly after touching down on British soil. We spent 2012-2013 saving every penny we could. So within a few weeks of landing we joined two of the UK’s most respected professions, estate agency (Lauren) and car sales (Iain). And so here we are…a few days away from boarding our flight to Rio de Janeiro, to begin the next adventure.

This time with no time limit or return flight we intend to travel leisurely and until the money runs out…

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6 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. Glad you’ve found it useful! It’s great to hear from readers. If you have any questions do let us know as we will be happy to help if we can!

  1. Hello guys. How are you? It is Miguel. I was in the back of the bus with my friend Ahmad.
    It was very nice to meet you. Hope you have an Amazing Adventure. I just saw your photos and they are great.
    I wish you both the best of the luck.
    Maybe we can share facebook.
    Take care and God bless you both. :))

  2. Hey there!
    Your blog has been so useful! I plan to travel to South America with my partner this August and have been trawling through your posts over the past year or so in preparation and for inspiration 🙂

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