Sandy Shoes: A Visit to Concón and Las Dunas

After the snow, wind and rain of our days in Patagonia, we were pleased to find the sun shining in Santiago. Naturally we did the only sensible thing and made our way to the coast, to Valparaiso one of Chile’s major cities and seaports. With its UNESCO status and with street art to be discovered on almost every corner Valparaiso is a charming place to visit. Valparaiso and all its charm deserves an entire blog to itself so for now here is just one of the things we got up to during our stay…


On the advice of a good friend, we decided to take a trip to Concón to visit Las Dunas (The Dunes). Although not mentioned in our guidebook we were keen to try out a local’s recommendation, as often these turn out to be the best and most memorable experiences…and this was definitely one of those times…

One morning we jumped on a local bus marked Concón, paid for our tickets and hoped for the best. We had no idea where to get off or if the bus would take us to the dunes but we figured we would work it out as we went. The bus driver was clearly running behind schedule, so we held on tight, closed our eyes on the hairpin bends and made it to our destination in half the expected time. About 30mins.


Despite our fears, you can’t miss the dunes. When you see them jump off the bus near the Jumbo supermarket (they all seem to take the same route) and cross the road and you’re there.

It doesn’t look like much but once we began to ascend the first dune our excitement grew. It was a bit of steep scramble…


But once we made it over the top, our perilous bus journey was forgotten, and our jaws dropped in amazement.

IMG_8985 IMG_8973

Naturally we filled our afternoon photographing and pulling our best poses.


Boys will be boys…

IMG_8868 IMG_8891 IMG_8885

With water reserves running low we started to wonder if we would ever find civilisation again….


Truthfully we were never more than a 30-minute walk away from the main road, but once on the dunes enjoying the silence it was easy to forget.


All posed out, we made our way down the opposite side of the dunes, towards the sea, and took in the views of Valparaiso and the rocks.

IMG_9017 IMG_8897


We also took the opportunity to free ourselves of the extra weight we’d picked up along the way, before flagging down another bus back to Valparaiso.

IMG_9045 IMG_9048

Part 2

When our good friend Sam joined us in Santiago we decided he had to visit the dunes so once again we set off for Concón.


This time we picked up a dog along the way…


Cue more posing…


A break for some lunch…


Then some motorcycles ruined the peace and quiet. But the puppy thought chasing them was great fun! And honestly we quite enjoyed watching them…

IMG_9057 IMG_9031 IMG_2799

We were amazed just how much the landscape had changed the second time around. It certainly proved to us sand dunes really do move a lot in a few days. Take a trip and see for yourself!

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