A Date in the Devil’s Cellar: Concha Y Toro Winery

After our days in Pucon we travelled to Chile’s capital, Santiago. We will let you know in a bit more detail about what we got up to in the city in a further blog soon, but for now we want to tell you all about our trip to the Devil’s Cellar….


Having heard it was one of the best tours around we set off one afternoon with great expectations. The winery was founded in 1883 and is situated in Pirque in the Maipo Valley, a key wine-producing region in Chile. The best bit…Concha y Toro is assessable entirely by public transport in just under an hour from central Santiago. We took Line 4 (Blue one) to La Mercedes and then it’s a short bus journey from there*.

And once we entered the grounds we could already see why it was worth the visit. It’s hard to believe this place is so close to a bustling city…


The basic tour includes a tour of the grounds, including a visit to the manor house and summer residence of the company’s founder, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro.


Next it was off to see the vineyards and the variety garden. Unfortunately it being winter the vines looked a little sad but don’t let this put you off going.


Then it was time for our first wine of the tour. A mixed grape that we sipped as we admired the view over the vineyard.


Next it was inside for a (short!) lesson in the ageing process and a tour of the oak barrels. The barrels are shipped in from France and North America and make for a very good photo.

IMG_8541 IMG_8549

Then it was off to the famous Casillero del Diablo or Devil’s Cellar. Where we were lucky enough to catch a sight of the Devil himself…with some help from the handy light show. Sounds corny but it’s a lot of fun!


After the ordeal of meeting the Devil our nerves were calmed with two more wines to finish of the tour.


However our experience wasn’t over yet. We had opted for an additional section to the tour – so at the end we were welcomed into our own private tasting room where a Sommelier conducted a further tasting with cheeses. Here we got to taste four of their more premium wines.


We highly recommend opting in for this, as it doesn’t cost much more, the cheeses are delicious and being walked through the wine tasting process step by step meant for once I could actually distinguish a few of the smells and tastes everyone keeps going on about!! Before whenever I’d be asked if I could smell the berries or the leather I would sniff and nod enthusiastically.

IMG_8527 IMG_8566

If you don’t get chance to go further afield and visit any of the other beautiful bodegas of South America then we highly recommend taking an afternoon to visit Concha y Toro. Our expectations were certainly exceeded!

•Full travel instruction can be found on the Concha y Toro website but we assure you it’s a really easy journey!

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