Living at the Foot of a Volcano: Pucón

After our rainy days in Puerto Varas and Chiloé, the days we spent in Pucón continued in a similar vain. For the first few days we wondered if there even was a Volcano…the clouds pretty much obscured all the mountains around. In fact at night the fog obscured everything further than 5ft. Though the signs in town assured us the Volcano did in fact exist…


On our first night we experienced our first Volcano related excitement. To the sound of an air raid siren we jumped to our feet and were ready to grab our packs and make a dash for it. Luckily I’d photographed this handy sign earlier that day…


Though upon studying the local population and their lack of panic we established fairly quickly this siren was a very regular occurrence…in fact they use an air raid siren to signal midday…seriously they do!!!!??? Reassured we went back to dinner and cracked open a bottle of wine.

After a few days the weather cleared and from the little town of Pucón we got some lovely views…


Despite us moaning yet again about the weather…we Brits do love discussing the weather after all…Pucón is probably the best place to head if the weather is less than fantastic. If you’re bored of drying out your boots by the fire after yet another hike in the rain then Pucón is definitely a good place to hold up for a few days.


Even if just to see this dog help move a sofa...
Even if just to see this dog help move a sofa…

Pucón, near to Volcan Villlarrica, is popular tourist destination and offers a variety of sports and activities to its visitors…and the best bit the majority of these activities can be enjoyed even in the rain! Who cares if its raining and miserable if you’re sitting in a deliciously warm thermal hot spring, or if your zip lining through the wilderness. Switch your walking boots for a wetsuit and go cannoning or rafting. You only have to walk down the main street in town to realise just how many activities are on offer here.


For those less active or for those who just fancy some down time, a trip to the hot springs is a must. We recommend taking the first bus to Los Pozones as it’s likely you’ll have the entire place to yourself. Iain and I had the pick of 6 or 7 pools and only had to share them with two tiny ducks.

IMG_1418 IMG_1422

Buses to Los Pozones can be picked up from Buses Caburgua, in the centre of town on the corner of Uruguay and Palguin. Pay the driver on the bus and it’s only a 30-40min drive to the springs.




2 thoughts on “Living at the Foot of a Volcano: Pucón”

  1. We stayed in Antigua, Guatemala for a month last year at the foot of three volcanos. Fuego erupted one day and 35,000 had to be evacuated from a neighboring town but lucky for us the wind was blowing the opposite direction. Keep an eye on the locals they know what to do! (And have good travel insurance for evacuation! : ) Enjoy! It looks beautiful. And rain never stops a traveler from really enjoying a place!!

    1. Do as the locals do…it’s a vital piece of advice when living near a volcano! Sounds like the eruption was a holiday nightmare…but at the same time it must of been an unforgettable experience? We’re from the UK so the rain never puts us off, but I never complain when the sun shines! 🙂

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