Rucksacks: The Osprey Farpoint 55

We spent months debating what bag and what size we should purchase for our year long plus journey. On our first trip in 2011, six months in length, we each took an 85L travel pack, with detachable day sack. Looking back we packed so much we can only describe it as everything but the kitchen sink! This time we vowed to pack far less…

So how is the Osprey Farpoint 55 holding up…


We have been using the Osprey Farpoint 55 for over a month now and can safely say we have made the right choice on size. The bag itself is 55L in total; this includes a detachable 10L day sack. Does this fit everything we need…we can safely say yes. Buy a bigger bag and all you will do is fill it with unnecessary items that you will begin to resent lugging around.


As mentioneIMG_1193d above, the daysack is detachable. At 10L it fits a laptop, a digital SLR and all the other little essentials you need to hand when travelling. When wearing the main rucksack the daysack attaches securely to your front. This means all your valuables are safely in sight whilst keeping your hands free…to hold on for dear life as that bus careers around the corner at breakneck speed! Also it has plenty of additional pockets and a handy whistle on one of the straps…to attract the attention of the coast guard, taxis, buses, attractive boys/girls, or perhaps your deaf grandmother…


All the straps are adjustable and fit comfortably, so much so you almost forget you wearing it…well until you loose your footing and come close to doing that oh so stylish impression of an upturned tortoise…not that I’ve ever done it. There are also additional carrying handles on the side and the top; these are well made and do not cut into your hands should you choose to carry it with one for a longer period. The shoulder and waist straps all neatly zip away making it easy to store and to check in as hold luggage.

IMG_1188 IMG_1187


The main rucksack has two internal pockets that prove vital for all the tiny bits and bobs you inevitably end up IMG_1185packing…torches, charger cables, anti-malarials etc. Compression straps and strong zips make the rucksack easy close…even when it seems like an impossible feat to fit everything in! Finally the zips are lockable, which ensures all your items stay safely packed away.


At £90 (RRP £100 but shop around!) the rucksack wasn’t the cheapest on the market but nor was it the most expensive. And overall we would say its worth the investment.

*For more details on what we packed this time and what we left at home see our packing list.

7 thoughts on “Rucksacks: The Osprey Farpoint 55”

  1. I just for the Farpoint 55 too and agree it was better than getting the Farpoint 70 for example. With the same items/weight in both bag the 55 is closer to your body so one feels more balanced carrying it than the 70. Imagine with the 70 if you pack more things in it will just feel much heavier and less balanced, like I’m about to fall backwards.

      1. thank you for replying so quickly! I’m only 5ft7ish but my boyfriend James is 6ft3! We tried the osprey app that tells you what size to get but it kept saying S/M for James which didn’t make sense ! I think I’ll go for S/M and maybe he can get M/L ! Thank you so much!

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